Undoubtedly 2021 has been the year of rechargeable disposable vapes since various brands have introduced different types of advanced vaping devices to deliver a more soothing experience than ever, along with an endless variety of flavors to choose from. Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) hold many other names. However, the most common terms include tanks, mods, vape pens, and vapes. Also E Cigarettes is one of the best vaping product that make your experience memorable.

 Experts have predicted that disposable vapes may even outsell bottled vape juice in 2022. This miracle isn’t limited to the United States; manufacturers from Europe and the United Kingdom have also stated that it can be difficult to maintain the stock of popular disposable vapes. That means that people enjoy the convenient vaping experience and will discover the wide variety of disposable vapes with some innovative features.   

It can be a little daunting for newbie users to find out the ideal vaping product for them. For that reason, we have outlined the latest top 5 rechargeable disposable vape devices so that you can get your hands on the best one.   

5 Latest Rechargeable Disposable Vape to Try In 2022 

Ejuices- Esco Bars  

Ejuices is one of the most renowned brands offering premium rechargeable Disposable Vapes globally. Their Esco Bars- Disposable Vape Device features a Prefilled E-Liquid capacity and an enormous 1100mAh Battery that holds enough capacity to last for several days per charge.   

Furthermore, Esco bars deliver approx 2500 puffs with an impressive selection of toothsome flavors. You can raspberry orange vape juice if you want, as this product strikes at all of the good spots regarding premium, slick design vapes with high-quality hardware at an affordable price.   

Enjoy vaping with some iconic flavors. Ejuices can be the perfect companion for you since they have a variety of flavors for everyone, from blue raspberry and cotton candy to pink lemonade and peach ice- for the perfect guilty pleasure.   

grey vape lot

Elf bars BC 5000 

ELF bar is comparatively new in the vaping industry, but it is rapidly becoming a front-runner in the vaping community. This bars BC 5000 contains a sleek, trendy design and a 650mAh internal rechargeable battery. Besides the amazing battery life, this device offers approx 5000 puffs with the capability to recharge, allowing the users to have an uninterrupted mellow buzzy vaping experience.   

Such device is equipped with a USB-C cable with some delicious yet iconic flavors, including sweet menthol, watermelon ice, and Sakura grape. In addition, Elf bars are equipped with a user-friendly mouthpiece, and a silk-like toughness satisfies the tastebuds.   

Nasty Air Fix  Vape

Nasty Air Fix is one of the biggest brands in Malaysia and tends to offer a wide variety of e-liquid vaping products. This range covers all of the ugly juice flavors you can customize in disposable vape’s airflow.   

Moreover, this range is equipped with a 700mah battery life that lets you vape for prolonged hours without any disruption. Available in iconic flavors, including Grape, Trap Queen (a chilly mix of icy mint and strawberry), or Sicko Blue (a succulent handful of blue raspberries).   

Pachamama Synthetic 

Pachamama Synthetic is most renowned for its delicious e-liquid flavors. The best part is that they have introduced synthetic disposable vape pens using those fantastic flavors. Generally, Pachamama synthetic holds 4ml of (50mg) 5% synthetic nicotine salt e-juice, which helps deliver a satisfying throat hit.   

This range comes with an integrated 700 mAh battery, offering you at least 1200 puffs of on-demand satisfaction. Lastly, Pachamama synthetic contains nine unique flavors: Grape Ice, Strawberry Ice, Mango, Banana Ice, Guava Ice, Lychee Ice, Peach Ice, Pineapple Ice, and Pink Lemonade. 

ePuffer XPOD 

epuffer Xpod falls under the category of disposable devices with pre-filled cartridges. Such a device holds approximately 18mg of nicotine in each pod and some yummy flavors, including apple, lemon citrus fusion, mango & menthol. epuffer Xpod range contains fancy with an all-black modern kit design.   

On the other hand, the device is entirely integrated. The user can remove and insert the pods with the help of a button since the device doesn’t contain a special button for draw-activated. The device is also equipped with one LED light that lights up when the device is in use. Apart from this, ePuffer XPOD functions on a 280mAh built-in battery which is rechargeable, and the pods can last for around 300 puffs. 


Rechargeable disposable vape devices are a go-to option for most people nowadays since they offer great convenience and ease to use and can be used anywhere and anytime. Plus, such devices are considered one of the fastest delivery methods as users can feel some euphoric effects within a few minutes. Besides this, nowadays, such devices offer some essential features like holding the capability to get charged with the help of a USB-C cable which is considered the latest charging cable in the tech world.