To decide in which investment fund or funds we should invest, it is necessary to take into account five key points to be able to carry out investments according to our expectations and needs. In this sense, the five golden rules are:

Know our profile as an investor, because it determines the level of risk that we are willing to assume. We must also consider our investment horizon, that is, when we need to have the resources invested.

The next important point to consider is the investment policies or strategies of the investment fund(s). In the Mexican market there are debt and alameda research portfolio funds; the difference between them is that variable income funds allow investment from 1% in capital market instruments.

In this sense, it is important to mention that, in turn,

debt funds can be classified by their investment horizon (short, medium or long terms), or by their investment in government securities, real rate or indexed to some currency. (UDI, dollars, euros), while equity funds are mainly divided into Specialized Debt, Stocks, Indexed (IPC, IRT, S&P), among others.

Specifically, in order to know the investment strategies and the assets to be invested, each fund operator must make available to the investing public, through its website, the weekly and monthly portfolios of each fund, as well as its information prospectus.

Review the performance of the investment fund in recent periods

 With respect to its reference index. Due to regulatory compliance, each fund operator must include in the prospectus of each investment fund the returns of the last three years, as well as that of the last month and of the last three and 12 months.

Review the commissions that the funds charge for the fund administration service. At this point it should be noted that the percentage varies for each series, so that investors with larger investment amounts are charged a lower commission. But it is important not to forget that there are funds in the market that charge a commission for entry (purchase) or exit (sale).

To invest in debt funds, the ratings assigned

 To these instruments by one of the authorized securities rating agencies in Mexico (Standard & Poor’s, Fitch Ratings, Moody’s, HR Ratings and Verum) must be known.

Investment fund ratings are made up of an alphabetic variable that indicates the issuer’s ability to pay (for example: AAA, AA) and a numerical variable that determines the fund’s sensitivity to movements in its risk factors (interest rates, prices, currencies, among others).