Installing a plug, fixing a tube light, repairing a socket- these are the things that we all know electricians can perform. But, the duties of an electrician do not remain confined to these only. An electrician is a qualified professional who can provide a wide range of electrical services. Most of the people are not aware of the complete range of their services. Therefore, we have compiled a list of services they can provide. The next time you have any problem with these appliances; feel free to call an electrical contractor or Bay electric solutions.

1. Swimming Pool lights and heating

Most of the people call swimming pool specialists to deal with matters related to a swimming pool. Some swimming pool specialists do provide services for these simple issues but at a much higher cost. They tend to benefit from their status of being specialists. However, these services are pretty simple and basic. Any electrician should be able to take care of these. It’s not a rocket science.

2. Ceiling Fan

Normally, we don’t really get to install a ceiling fan ourselves. Properties in hotter regions come with installed fans. And properties in colder areas don’t require a ceiling. However, if you do need a tradesman to install ceiling fan, then be informed that it is an electrician’s job. Sometimes, a property does not have the wiring system for fan installation. Call up an electrician and tell them that you want to install a fan. They will take care of it. At times, electricians can even help you purchase the right fan for your needs. Needless to mention that electricians can perform repairing services as well.

3. Switch board upgrade

In case you still have the old panel in your building and you want to upgrade it to a new one then you are going to need an electrician. There are many reasons behind upgrading to a new panel. At times, the old panel doesn’t fulfill your power requirements; sometimes you need to change it to comply with building code regulation. Also, new panels display information in a digital form. Understanding digital information is easy and quick. On top of everything, if you want to sell a property, an upgraded panel will add a lot of value to it.

4. Modern Appliances Compatibility

At times, it is difficult for new appliances to operate on the old electrical system. They need their dedicated connections to function. The voltage incompatibility, socket design compatibility and other such issues can prevent a machine to run or operate. Dryers, dish washers, washing machines, and other gadgets require a professional to install them properly, in their dedicated lines. You might need to upgrade your electrical system. And we know who to call for Bay electrical solutions- a professional electrician, of course.

5. New Power Outlets

Due to new technology, people’s needs have changed. Based on their needs, their requirements have changed. Same is the case with electrical appliances. Mobile phones, tablets and laptops have become gadgets people can carry around. Mostly people take these gadgets to their beds. Even in lounges, they tend to engage with mobile phones more than they engage in t.v. or any other activity. Bay area electrical contractor must be able to provide power outlet repair services as well as installation of new outlets.

Final Word

Normally, we tend to assume that an electrician’s job is only to repair appliances or power outlets. The truth is that an electrician’s responsibilities go beyond this. They can repair as well as install new outlets and appliances. They can perform all jobs that are related to electricity. Whether it is concerning the electrical system, electrical panel, wiring or appliances; an electrician should be able to perform all jobs. So, the next time if your pool’s lighting is not working, or you need a new power outlet, you know you can call Bay electrical solutions Bay Electric SF.

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