Real money gambling is something that everyone loves. What people hate about this activity is the notion that it can cause them to incur dramatic financial losses if Lady Luck turns their back on them. However, while results produced by gambling games available on gaming floors are indeed chance-based, not all the products featured in these establishments boast the same odds or prize potential. Thus, some options will help newbies, and veteran gamblers, stay out of the red better than others, attaining decent streams of wins that will keep their sessions thrilling and somewhat balanced. We highlight the five best picks below while explaining why they made our list.

1.) Slots

When it comes to online casino games that pay real money, slots are the undisputed kings. Physical reel-spinning machines have been around for more than a century, with their internet iterations appearing in 1996. Today, they are responsible for more than 60% of all online gambling revenues, a percentage also applicable to the land-based sector, where it is hard to find the best odds in a casino slot machine. Online, things are super transparent, as operators and review hubs list the RTPs of virtually every reel-spinner on the World Wide Web.

Slots like Microgaming’s legendary Mega Moolah and Hacksaw Gaming’s Wanted Dead or a Wild have paid out wins over twenty million to online gamblers. Thus, titles in this genre reign supreme regarding their prize potential. Moreover, slots are also the best casino games for beginners because they offer rudimentary gameplay and because products from this category feature RTPs of up to 99%. In other words, they have house edges of 1% or less. That means that they can produce wins with some degree of regularity.

2.) Blackjack & Casino Poker

Twenty-one is, without argument, the most established casino table game on the planet. That is so because of its simple rule set that has remained unchanged in all corners. Casino poker variants are table games akin to blackjack, designed to be played at similar speeds but utilizing the world’s most famous card game’s hand-ranking system. Both genres feature house edges below 2%, and in the case of blackjack, this casino advantage can drop to less than 0.5% if a gambler opts to implement a strategy chart.

The chief reason that these two categories get mentioned in tandem here is that they both can feature progressive jackpot rewards. These prizes most often get generated by combinations that involve a card total consisting of a player and his dealer’s hand. Casino poker variants such as Caribbean Stud and 3 Card Poker are famous for such bets that payout rewards over a million dollars.

3.) Roulette

The most sizable recorded roulette win ever got paid out in 2017, totaling $3.5 million. The lucky winner was Pedro Grendene Bartelle, playing the French version of the game at the Hotel Conrad in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Though, undoubtedly much more substantial prizes have gotten attained on wheel spins that have gone undocumented.

French Roulette is the most profitable wheel variation, boasting a house edge of only 1.35%. While many will think you have to bet big to win big in roulette, given the top payout in this game is x35, on a single number bet, that is not accurate for online versions. Evolution’s Lightning Roulette blends elements of French Roulette with an exciting game show flair and can produce win multipliers of up to x500 a gambler’s original wager.

4.) Video Poker

Video poker is an underrated gaming pick that many casual players neglect because of the generic look and feel of most physical and online options in this genre. Based on Five-Card Draw Poker, video poker rose to prominence in the 1980s, when IGT, then SIRCOMA, started creating these machines and placing them at brick-and-mortar locales across the US. At first, much of their appeal was that they provided table gaming fun without the intimidation factor present when players went up against a live dealer.

Over time, local Vegas casinos started offering lower denomination machines with better odds. In a short period, specific video poker games became the only casino options where, in distinct scenarios, a player could gain an advantage over an operator. Hence, they can be a very lucrative choice for gamblers who prefer long sessions where they can attain multiple decently-sized wins. 

5.) Keno

Keno often gets called the casino game with the worst odds because its house edge can fall in the 20% to 40% range. Nevertheless, online versions offer winning chances akin to those in slot games. The casino keno prize potential can go up to $200,000 or more, and participating in state/nationwide draws, may yield a win in the millions.

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