In this fast-moving business world, there will be a lot of job openings across every industry, which will require background screening of candidates, which must be accurate and quick at the same time. Most HR’s look for a thorough background check to ensure the right candidate is selected for a profile, and there will be no future troubles in terms of cheating or any other form of misconduct. A survey says that up to 94 % of HR use employment screening in their hiring process.   

With the help of good background checks, a candidate’s honesty, trustworthiness, and potential threats can be assessed, and an informed decision can be made without any doubts. However, the HR team finds running the background screening process in traditional methods is difficult and time-consuming. Hence, they seek the help of experts who offer employment screening services equipped with the latest technologies that will receive accurate information about the candidate’s background. But, choosing the best company that offers such services can be tricky as tons of companies are available in the market. Therefore, let’s discuss the top 5 most Accurate Employment Screening Services that are considered best in this field to make an informed decision on the final choice.  

Top 5 Most Accurate Employment Screening Services


One of the top companies that offer cutting-edge and accurate employment screening services is AuthBridge. It has over 15 years of experience in building world-class employee screening solutions, making them market leaders in this field, and also have achieved global delivery capabilities. AuthBridge has provided employee and supplier onboarding services to fortune 500 clients across several industries. The solution is built on AI & ML capabilities that allow instant ID verification through face match technology suitable for employee and customer background verification.


It is also among the top companies that offer employment screening services to businesses of all sizes. GoodHire has a plethora of background checks, including education, identification, driving record, criminal record, etc. The main advantages of this company include communication, convenience, and compliance. An intuitive dashboard, candidate portal, and mobile app are available at Good Hire, making it extremely user-friendly.  


AccurateNow is an ace company when it comes to employment screening services. It usually caters to small and medium-sized businesses. It is PBSA accredited, and the background checks it offers are FCRA compliant. Fast results are AccurateNow’s USP and have the option of pay as you go, which allows you to choose screenings based on your requirement. It has the capability to integrate with various applicant tracking solutions. AccurateNow offers DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions to small-size businesses and also offers supplier onboarding services to medium and large-scale industries.


It is one of the early companies that offered employment screening services. And has been in this field for over 50 years. HireRight is PBSA-accredited and CRA-compliant and provides services across 200 countries in 20 languages. Global background check is one of the main features of this company. The clients will get access to the applicant centre free of cost and a user-friendly mobile app through which candidates will undergo background screening. HireRight mainly focuses on enterprise customers, and smaller businesses will be referred to as sister concern companies. The company conducts supplier onboarding, professional license, and educational verification, identity checks, past employment checks, identity checks, etc.,


It offers a wide range of employment screening services that include employment verification, motor vehicle checks, criminal checks, medical license monitoring, drug screenings, etc. Sterling is FCRA compliant and PBSA accredited and offers its services across 195 countries. It offers its services to many industries, including non-profit organisations, healthcare, etc. Sterling solutions can be integrated with HR applications, making the hiring process even more efficient. The main feature of this company is its criminal background check technology that quickens the screening process to almost one day in most cases.  There are many companies that offer employment screening services, but we have to choose the one that suits our requirements; otherwise, it will add to the expenses. Hence, the above five companies are regarded as the best. They cover most of the background checks enough to accurately assess and get the right candidate to join businesses irrespective of their size.