Nowadays, a majority of people simply send a text message instead of attending special occasions to meet people they like. This has not only solved the problem of time, it has also provided an option for those who do not feel comfortable talking with people face-to-face. For these situations, digital platforms have emerged as a major relief.

Is it possible that digital platforms are making your life, and smoothing the conversation?

Here’s how.

  1. Social Networking Is Key

When you think of social media one of the most prominent names that pop out is Facebook. There are currently billions of users connected to Facebook across the globe. In addition to Facebook there are other forms of social media that have come up in the past are Instagram along with LinkedIn.

A fascinating pattern which has been discovered is that those who are unable to speak face-to-face are eager to begin conversations through these social network platforms with ease. When we look at the case of LinkedIn it is used to let people connect with professionals. Facebook is great for staying close to old acquaintances and relatives. Instagram is a visual platformand requires users to view in order to create videos and photos. Talkliv is, however was designed to inform users of the interests of each other and to communicate in the most efficient and authentic way.

  1. Chatting Is King!

The way we live has completely changed since the advent of various messaging applications like Whatsapp Isn’t it?

If you take the most popular app Whatsapp for instance, it is home to nearly 2 billion users across the globe. Naturally, there’s numerous other texting and chatting apps that are currently available and will meet your needs.

It is interesting to note that, even though Whatsapp provides the option of video calls and voice messages Chat is more well-known than other options. According to statistics from Oberlo There are up to 4.2 billion messages sent every hour through the application. Simply saying ‘Hi’ or emoticon through these chat applications can result in an icebreaker session which eventually will lead to a longer conversation.

  1. New Acquaintances Are On The Other Side Of The Chat

When we speak of specific socializing platforms we are actually pointing to websites which allow users to make new friends and exchange messages online to form genuine relationships lasting. There are numerous advantages that have been observed through the use of these social media platforms in the present.

These platforms are perfect for those who are shy and are unsure of how to start conversations with someone who they admire or love. That’s the reason why Talkliv offers an inbuilt conversation starters feature. Through these platforms, users meet new people. On these platforms, they can effortlessly begin a conversation that results in a conversation, and could be the basis for the possibility of a physical or video meeting in the future.

Another important way these platforms aid users is to help them to master the art of engaging in more conversational conversations with others. Users gradually overcome their fear of speaking to strangers and improve their confidence, which helps to have better conversations in real life as well.

  1. Online Meets Is The New Black

Are you among the people who are anxious during meetings or interviews and struggle to make in your speech? Certainly, the presence of someone older or a stranger could make you feel embarrassed because of which you are unable to deliver your best communications.

The advent of online meet-ups has certainly helped a lot of individuals in this particular situation. There is a style in “blind” interviews, when interviewers are asked to conduct an online chat that the interviewee cannot discern the person who is asking the questions. Therefore, the interviewee will not feel self-conscious and can communicate in a more direct honest, transparent, and fair manner. In addition, when the camera is turned on It has been found that participants tend to be less nervous in online meet-ups than in real-life ones.
Therefore, digital platforms have immense value in facilitating communication and ease into first-time conversations. There are a myriad of choices in digital platforms these days that assist people who have difficulty engaging in conversation with someone they know. Platforms for communicating, like Talkliv can dramatically ease the process of making new acquaintances and making authentic connections with people across the globe.