The charm of building one’s own abode always remains unmatched. Right from choosing the right wall paint to picking some of the beautiful home décor pieces, a homeowner pays keen attention to all the minute details. 

Similarly, picking the right window design is extremely important while building your new home or even picking replacement windows to give your house a makeover. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, many other factors should be considered while choosing a window design for your home. 

Here are some of the most sought-after window designs that offer several benefits that might tickle your fancy: 

French Windows:

French windows generally comprise long, narrow panels that can open outward or inwards. Also, there is no fixed post between the two panes, allowing French windows to offer a more spacious opening and ease of access. These windows have a typical architectural charm while also offering better operational ease and functionality. 

Modern French windows are best suited with aluminium frames owing to the metal’s sturdiness that allows you to customize your window according to your needs and preferences. Also, since aluminium is a lightweight metal, it enables you to add certain additional features without adding weight to the window structure. 

For instance, TOSTEM India – one of the leading aluminium doors and windows manufacturers – offers French windows that come with multiple benefits, including airtightness, water tightness, sound insulation benefits, rubber gaskets to prevent finger pinching, the possibility to add an insect screen, etc. Buyers can avail of these benefits irrespective of the design of the window. More importantly, TOSTEM has introduced its own patent technology called TEXGUARD coating. This coating ensures that windows and doors remain lustrous for up to 40 years, with minimal dust accumulation on the surface.  

Sliding Windows:

As the name suggests, sliding windows consist of glass panes that slide horizontally or vertically along a frame. Sliding windows are versatile. These windows work best in compact spaces where swing space is minimal. 

More importantly, homeowners use these windows to replace a wall as aluminium windows can provide excellent outside views. As a result, aluminium sliding windows with minimalistic frames and expansive glass areas are pretty prominent in places such as patio, balcony, etc. 

However, you must pick good quality windows possessing the sturdiness to support large glass areas and offer functional benefits. For instance, TOSTEM India’s use of Japanese technology and their patented TEXGUARD coating on sliding doors ensure that the windows remain their true colours for a long time.  

Awning Windows:

Hinged on the top, awning windows open outward when lifted from the bottom with the latch or handle. This creates an awning that allows for ventilation while also protecting from the rain. 

Other than being weatherproof, they are also relatively easy to clean and low maintenance. These types of windows are usually installed in kitchens or bathrooms as they allow better air circulation and allow more natural light to enter indoors. 

Corner Windows:

Corner windows consist of two or more glass panes placed on two adjacent surfaces of the room that meet each other at the edge of the surface they are placed on. These windows are the best pick for people residing in a house with picturesque surroundings. 

This is because corner windows allow for some of the best and unobstructed views while also offering a statement piece that is bound to stand out. Other than some of the most spectacular vistas, you can also enjoy abundant sunshine through these windows. 


Besides catering to your fenestration needs, windows are also responsible for maximizing sunlight, improving air circulation, offering pleasant views, and enhancing security. Thus, it is crucial to pick the window design that ticks all the right boxes for your home. We hope that these options will help you get a better idea and make the process easier for you.