It is getting common to learn foreign languages. You can see that many schools, colleges and universities have started new foreign language courses. I remember I learnt a Chinese language course at the university level. It is not about learning a new language, but this practice works as an exercise for your brain. The world is getting more connected as technology is getting advanced. Thus, taking courses of foreign languages is not a problem anymore.

Importance of Learning Foreign Languages

Every year, thousands of students apply to international colleges and universities. Although, in most international institutes, the English language is the primary language for teaching, what about the life outside that international institute? If you want to study in another country, how would you survive without knowing their native language? It would be difficult for sure. That is how learning a new language is becoming the need of the hour.

Schools usually offer teaching in different languages at the school level. The reason behind this is that kids can pick new things easily. Other than the educational sector, let’s talk about the job sector. You can see people go abroad for a job as well as business. In such cases, it becomes compulsory to learn the native language of the country where they have to work. If you do not do so, you will get stuck at some point while dealing with your clients.  

Platforms to Learn Foreign Languages Free

Different institutes in every country offer courses to learn foreign languages. These institutes ask for high charges for sure. Also, you have to spare time for joining class physically. But there are many online and free platforms from where you can learn different languages with ease. Following are some platforms shared by best assignment helpers that help you in learning foreign languages;

  • Duolingo
  • Babbel
  • Transparent Language
  • Open Culture

Let’s discuss each platform in detail,


You may find many platforms that assist you in translating the words. You can do the same on Google Translator too. But when it comes to a learning session, you are supposed to learn in terms of speaking, writing and understanding. Also, you need an assessment system to know if you are really getting the point or not. You can fulfil all these needs by using Duolingo. Duolingo is an app that helps you in such aspects. It teaches you for speaking, writing and understand a foreign language. Also, you can find different assessment techniques at Duolingo. It is in the form of multiple-choice questions and many other exercises.

Another interesting thing about Duolingo is that you can ask someone to help you with a detailed understanding of new concepts. This app provides you with a feature through which you can assess other people. You can also ask them about your query. You can use Duolingo just like a game on your mobile phone. Its amazing features do not let you get bored at all. To learn foreign languages, Duolingo has different levels. If you do not know the selected language, you should start from the beginning level. And if you have basic information, then you can join the advanced level. For this, you have to clear a test for joining the advanced level.


Babble is another effective and free platform to learn foreign languages. Here you can find more than ten languages to learn. This platform provides you with language assistance for free. But if you want to enrol yourself for a long period, then you have to pay for it. Still, it charges significantly little for paid enrolment. Most of the time, people learn one foreign language. In this case, there is no need to pay for it; rather, it is better to join the free session. But if someone is interested in four to five languages, obviously he has to spend more time on it. So, long time enrolment demands for some charges. You can learn the following languages form Babble,

  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Russian
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Indonesian

Babble also teaches you for writing as well as speaking. You can start with simple vocabulary to expert level. This platform teaches you in baby steps so that you do not get confused at any point.

Transparent Language

You can use the app as well as the website of Transparent Language. It does not restrict from using only one platform at a time. Another good thing about transparent language is that you can find more than a hundred languages there. It is a paid platform, but you can have a free trial for it. The free trial of the Transparent Language lasts for only 14 days. It means that things depend pretty much on the pace of your learning. If you spend more learning hours on this platform, you can learn at least one language during a free trial.

Open Culture

Open culture is the most amazing platform that is in practice in the whole world. This platform provides a bundle of free courses. One of those amazing courses is related to learning foreign languages. You can assess different lessons in audio form as well. Furthermore, you can assess lessons in the form of text. Everything is free on this platform. In an open culture, you can learn more than forty languages.

Another interesting thing about open culture is downloading the lessons and watching them anytime. It teaches you every available language in a perfect way. It introduces the language and lets you know about its importance. Also, it provides audio and video lessons from the beginning to the expert level. Here you may find many lessons to learn foreign languages since it is all about making you an expert in a selected language. It is better not to skip any lesson. Otherwise, you will surely get confused.  

Final Thoughts

Learning foreign languages has become so easy in this era of technology. Now it is all about your will and interest. Knowledge about foreign languages helps you in developing interpersonal skills indirectly. Likewise, it helps you to sharpen the brain functionality that assists you in critical thinking. Furthermore, it also helps you in the long term. Many students from their childhood dream about going abroad for higher education. To achieve their dreams, they must also work on learning foreign languages, which is necessary for effective communication and academic achievement.