A unique 3D hologram sticker will add value to your product and improve brand recognition. A hologram is a three-dimensional photograph that reflects light. The unique optical properties of a hologram make it impossible to reproduce with photocopying or scanning machines. A specialized hologram is needed to create a customized e-sticker. As these e-stickers are durable, they can last for years.

These 2D/3D hologram stickers are highly durable, because they use a multi-layered, two-dimensional image. When viewed under a certain type of light, a hologram displays a multi-dimensional scene. Unlike traditional images, people can view the scene from multiple depths and angles. The 2D/3D HOLOLOGRAM is one of the strongest optical security features, and is widely used in high-end anti-counterfeiting package items. Despite the complexity of 3D HOLOGRAM stickers, counterfeiters cannot alter the printed image.

The unique 3-D hologram is a self-adhesive sticker that produces a unique image when it comes to light. The microstructures in the hologram cause the diffraction of light that hits them. Due to this technology, holograms can be printed on anything from packages to documents. The HOLOGRAM stickers are also tamper-evident, which means you can’t remove them without destroying them.

Hologram stickers are made from many layers, including a surface and a mid-ground and background. The result is a multi-dimensional image that can be seen from several depths and angles. The two-dimensional/3D hologram is one of the most secure optical security features, and it is widely used in commercial securities. The manufacturing process is also very complicated, requiring a high-resolution dot matrix system and a team of specialist technicians. Because of this, it is difficult for counterfeiters to replicate or falsify the hologram. When it comes to enhancing the security of your products, a custom logo hologram sticker is a must.

3D Hologram Stickers Add Value to Your Product

These security labels can be used as tamper-evident and are the best way to protect your product. The holograms are self-adhesive and can be applied to many products, including products. They can be applied manually or automatically, depending on the application. This feature makes them perfect for promotional purposes, which will give your products extra security. This product is an excellent choice for your business.

Hologram stickers are ideal for advertising and promotion. can be used on a wide variety of products, including cosmetics and alcohol. The holograms can be easily removed without damaging the product. It is a very easy way to advertise your business. With a hologram sticker, you will never worry about your products being stolen or tampered with again. The tamper-evident properties of these adhesive labels are a huge benefit.

holograms on a sticker are created using a laser. The light that passes through the hologram will be reflected in the sticker. The light that reaches the hologram will be reflected back. The tamper-evident properties of a tamper-proof label make it impossible to remove a hologram without damaging the product. They are ideal for commercial security.

3D hologram sticker is made of several different layers, including a surface and a mid-ground. The hologram stickers are a tamper-evident material, requiring advanced machines and equipment. tamper-evident holograms can only be used once. The number of hologram stickers on a sheet varies, depending on the size of the label, but they all have the same functionality.

3D Hologram Stickers

A 3D hologram sticker has a variety of advantages. The image looks real when you view it, and can help you protect your product from counterfeiters. hologram is made of many layers, and the surface layer acts as the background. This allows you to see a picture from several perspectives. As a result, a hologram sticker can be a very useful tool for security. Moreover, the hologram is not just a simple image.

A good sticker will be durable and look good for years to come. In addition, it will stand out from a sea of similar stickers. This is what makes a hologram stick so special. So, you can make your product look dazzling with a hologram on your product.