The holidays are right nearing and that means Netflix is bringing incredible shows every day that you can watch all day. It’s almost a tradition to watch the best Netflix shows for hours (particularly when it’s cold outside). They’ll keep you entertained until the time comes to go to the Netflix Christmas film.

There’s plenty more to stream on Netflix, including the best horror movies for those seeking a thrilling experience or the most romantic movies for lovers, and on. If you’re looking for a way to

From funny dramas to the most coveted of hits This guide to the top shows to stream today on Netflix will definitely encourage you to keep watching this month of November. So grab some popcorn and your preferred beverage and curl up with a blanket to relax and enjoy winter.

Tiger King 2

You read it right: the cult show that helped us get through the most difficult quarantine returns for a new season, offering all the cat action you’ve been aching for. The series follows a fight between two owners of private zoos who have a questionable ethics and business practices. The sudden attention and unwelcome public scrutiny According to Netflix it will intensify the pressure and “unearth many surprising facts.”

Pretty Smart  

Emily Osment is redoing what she’s doing well on another sitcom. She is an unrequited, self-proclaimed crazy man , who is accompanied by her somewhat unintelligent sister and three odd roommates, including one who is not even a shirt, Gregg Sulkin.

Sex Education

This hilarious comedy-drama is sure to make you laugh and dance around the floor. The principal character is Otis who is a awkward and anxious teenager who’s not experienced with sexuality and has a hard time masturbating. His mother is a therapist for sex complicates the situation, and when an unruly girl known as Maeve proposes to establish an sex therapy program in the same place, things begin to increase.

The Circle

Let’s make it more difficult by placing $100,000 at stake. Participants in The Circle are secluded in their homes and are able to communicate via a social media application. Every participant is required to rank their fellow contestants often. Contestants with the highest scores are referred to as “Influencers,” and the lower-ranking contestants are eliminated (and the contestant with the highest popularity gets money prize).

But there’s an issue that is, in the contest, individuals can choose to take on whatever they want so the beautiful “girl-next-door” that you’ve been flinging with might be a middle-aged man. With all the fake catfishing and fake names that are being used online and elsewhere, you’re not too much off the mark.


It’s not likely that you didn’t see the launch of Bridgerton at Christmas time, a much-anticipated Shonda Rhimes TV series. If you’ve managed to get a chance for the premiere (and did not decide to a hype-up on the internet) Don’t hesitate any longer: Bridgerton is a must-see. The show is a look at the London elite in the 18th century in the beginning. Imagine it as a mixture of gossip girl and forgiveness and fugitives of pride and prejudice. It’s a show that everybody can enjoy as well as a fascinating recreation of the way people of color in the time worked. With just eight episodes , and many cliffhangers and addictive dramas, you’ll have to break the show down in just a couple of days. The show was originally a spin-off of Queen Charlotte which is now available. are able to watch Season 1.


This program could be a bit upsetting in the event that you’ve suffered domestic violence. While cases of physical abuse are more prominent but emotional abuse cases are less clear and are often rejected in the court because of a lack of evidence. This presentation reveals the devastating realities of the victims of emotional abuse and the inability to provide assistance accessible to those who fled abusive situations.


It’s easy to become obsessed with this dark take to the Archie comics. The well-known high school characters deliver enough shocks during the initial season to pull you into the show. Its darker character will keep you interested for the next seasons. While the storyline can get unclear sometimes, the charming characters and melodrama are sure to please even the most fan of a casual binge. Since the most recent season, season 5, is available on Netflix and you are able to catch up on this must-see show before the beginning of season 6.

Midnight Mass

This one’s for you fans of horror! The new series, directed by Mike Flanagan (Hillhouse Haunting, Doctor Sleep) is a great option to watch following Halloween. When a charismatic priest shows up and brings a mystical experience to the remote island village the story seems too fantastic to be real. If you’re a fan of horror movies and Mike Flanagan you’re aware that if something appears too appealing for it to be real, then it likely is. Simply put, the new people who are religious quickly discover that miracles don’t come at no cost.

Locke & Key

Locke & Key is based on the blockbuster graphic novel series that follows three siblings who discover their ancestral home is a mystery. After their father is killed and the kids move into his family’s house, they find several special keys that are able to open doors in bizarre ways. However, there’s evil and good and a demon with sinister motives is trying to control the keys.

Schitt’s Creek

The comic is about the Rose family in their journey to be thrown out of their lives as famous and wealthy, and instead are thrust into an unnamed middle-of-the-road (and known as) town filled with bizarre people in a poignant (and recently Emmy award winning) rich-to-rags story. They try to recreate their lives from the past, but they create new ones. Schitt’s creek made history when it won an Emmy Award. Emmys in the category of Best Comedy Series in 2020 and the final series (season 6) premiered on Netflix in the year 2000. It’s right time to watch this hilarious show if aren’t watching it yet.

Sex Life

Sexy life has attracted plenty of attention. Let’s admit it’s not for the most beautiful screen light. The newest Netflix show follows the story of a homewife who is hot as the sun and dreams of the wild and sexually sexy party as a child. She begins to write the essay of her own experience on her laptop while she imagines her relationship in the company of Bad Boy Records Manager Brad. In order to not offend her, her partner decided to use her dream typeface as a way for spice in her sexual life. You can guess that it’s graded R Don’t inform your mom about it.

Who killed Sara?

The Spanish series is said to have become the most watched non-English language show on Netflix since its launch at the beginning of March 2021. Who was the killer of Sara will be the million dollar issue. Alex (Manolo Cardona) is a man who was unfairly jailed for 18 years for the crime he did not commit, is intrigued. Sara is his sister and he was wrongly imprisoned for murder.

Kim’s Convenience

Want to increase your understanding of Asian culture and traditions beyond AAPI month? Try Kim’s Convenience, which is a funny and heartwarming sitcom that follows Korea-Canadians. The Kim family that owns and runs the convenience store in Toronto. It’s not difficult to see why the show has received many awards. From Mr. as well as Mrs. Kim (stern but well-intentioned parents) to Janet and Jung (their Korean-Canadian kids trying to reconcile their two cultures) It’s difficult to not cheer for the genuine, relatable characters.

Cowboy Bebop

The live-action remake of the beloved anime featuring John Cho as Spike Spiegel is a rogue group of bounty hunters as they try to catch the most dangerous criminals in the galaxy. Keep your eyes peeled for November 19th, the date that the first ten episodes will air.

Too Hot to handle

It’s possible to be skeptical of this program from the look of it (we were too) but the reality of watching numerous attractive women grappling with their sexuality is much more entertaining than we had hoped. The sexy reality show is about ten gorgeous people who must be together with one restriction that they be able to complete a $100,000 challenge and any infraction will result in the loss of the prize cash.

The Irregulars

Between the rough Victorian background, the hints of the supernatural and the somewhat threatening the ominous Dr. Watson (yes, that Watson) There’s a lot that happens in this brand new adaptation of The Sherlock Holmes stories. Bea and her unintentionally chosen family are forced to confront the beginning of mysterious powers. Combining the teen stress that is Outer Banks, the mystery and dangers of any Sherlock Holmes story, and the historical setting of Bridgerton (if it’s a little more dark) This series is almost certain to be a huge success (and it’s a great series to binge watch in any case).

Never Have I Ever

Netflix’s original coming-of-age show has been given it’s second installment. If you’ve never watched the first season it’s a story of Devi the first-generation Indian-American teenager who lives within Southern California. Devi has to deal with the loss of her father as well as the dangers of the high school hierarchy as she navigates the high school system, a delicious love triangle that is akin to the infamous Edward Jacob vs. Jacob conflict, and friendships with two of her BFFs.


The hashtag #SaveManifest appears to have been successful as Netflix has extended its popular NBC Mystery series to the fourth and final season. The story of the story of a group of passengers on an aircraft that went missing for five years and then appeared suddenly had a huge influence on social media and it ranked high for several months within Netflix’s Top 10. Netflix Top 10.

There are many things that can occur within five years, and this means that the majority of couples have moved out or the children are growing or their parents have passed away and it’s a struggle to return to the world. In addition passengers start experiencing visions and voices that depict things that haven’t yet taken place, leaving them on an unforgiving moral journey which can only be shared with others.


Joe Goldberg is a romantic psychopath (the best term I’ve think of) and this psychological thriller series takes you inside his soul. It will show the entire 3 seasons in his search to find twisted love as well as his inner voice that allows the rationale for murder to be almost relevant. In the end, violence and love are.

Sexy Beasts

In the case of traditional dating, many people would like to do their best the first time they meet someone. “Love is Blind,” an Netflix reality show about dating challenged the idea about love-at-first-sight, by not showing it to contestants prior to the ceremony. This new and bizarre dating show decided to take the concept to another level by changing all contestants into animals or other animals using modern prosthetics. The disguise is removed after the partner chosen is selected the option to see whether the individual’s appearance corresponds to their preferences.


You’re false if you claim that you have predicted the conclusion of Clickbait. Nick Brewer, a family guy, is taken from his home in the beginning of the brand new Netflix special. But what seems as an abduction investigation becomes more complicated after footage showing him holding several signs is released. One says he is in the habit of abusing women and another claims that he killed a lady. As his family search for the people who abducted Nick and his family, they should be aware of what Nick might have done to create this strange hostage situation.

Squid Game

The Korean series that has made Netflix history (it’s top of the Top 10), is essential if you’re lover of Hunger Games, Battle Royale or Belko Experiment-style stories. Many cash-strapped players are lured by an invitation to participate in seemingly innocent activities, with a tempting reward at the end. There’s only one condition that if you’re eliminated, (or even forfeited), you’ll be dead.

Saved by the Bell

The five seasons on the Classic Sitcom (before the reboot) are available on Netflix along with its spinoff Saved by the Bell: The College Years and two Saved by the Bell movies Wedding in Las Vegas and Hawaiian Style. If you’re in obscurity and you are not familiar with the show that focuses on the high school students who are working on real-world issues such as substance abuse and homelessness, death as well as women’s issues.

In the dark

If you’ve not seen the two first episodes of In the Dark yet, do you want to get rid of the rest behind and begin watching right away? The main character in the show is a pessimistic blind man who leads his life in a drunken stupor. The first two episodes will be centered around the murder for one of her closest acquaintances, which places her in the most powerful drug rings that exist.

Dear White People

Set in a modern, maybe post-racist university-type institution The show takes place as a comedy drama set on the campus of white students who claim as non-racist. The show follows an entire group of students from different races who are dealing with everyday regrets and microaggressions. From blackface-themed events to campus security threats the show explores many various scenarios and the ways they impact those of African descent who try to learn to recognize their own biases and harmful stereotypes better. It’s a great show to watch.

The Walking Dead

Just like the zombies in the name, this darker show is never ending. Season 10 is brand new to Netflix and is the first of nine seasons, and these seasons are ready to be drunk. The show offers horror, tears laughter, tears, and more on an episode-by-episode basis the show follows a band of survivors as they fight the dangerous infested with zombies, ruined ruins of The Old United States.

Black Mirror

For a truly terrifying experience If you want to experience a real psychological terror, try Black Mirror. It has only 22 shows (including the animated film Bandersnatch) however, each episode is an individual movie, with the majority lasting between 45 minutes and an hour. The reality is very similar to the scenarios depicted on this dark, creepy show, which makes it the perfect binge-watch choice for those who want to experience a sense of terror.

Top Secrets UFO Projects: Declassified

If you’re still not convinced that aliens do exist, it might be after watching this documentary about the hunt for extraterrestrial life. Even though claims of extraterrestrial sightings have for a long time been deniedby the media, this film will explore the possibility that aliens live among us, and our government is hiding this information for a long time. Be prepared to enter the rabbit hole (black hole?) of a lifetime, conspiracies fans.


You can turn to Lucifer for some smooth, dark humor as it follows the defunct angel as he starts his New life Los Angeles. Lucifer is transformed into an officer consultant and the show’s blend of moral issues along with procedural comedy (with some romantic tension to add a dash of) will keep you entertained throughout every episode.

The Chair

Ji Yoon (Emmy Award-winning Sandra Oh) is the new chair of the English Institute at the prestigious University of Pembroke, but the announcement isn’t as huge as it appears. Being the first woman to manage an undergraduate student and also one of the few people of color at the university She is facing a huge public relations issue. A professor on the same faculty is accused of having inappropriate conduct toward students. In the film, it appears that he might be in a relationship and Ji Yoon.

Ginny and Georgia

Ginny as well as Georgia are two ladies that you’d not think of as sharing similar Myers-Briggs personalities But after they move to the small town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts, they discover that they’re more alike than they imagined. Sexy scandals, social groups, and murder are the common threads of their two lives. In short it’s a wonderful combination of Gilmore Girls wholesomeness with a darker criminal undertone.

Black Summer

Black Summer will not disappoint If you’re looking for the next thrilling zombie series in a saturated market. The style is unique because it is a series of disconnected, out-of-order chronological sections that eventually come together to tell a coherent story. It is filled with interesting characters, however you must be cautious not to be too attached to any of them.

Outer Banks

Outer Banks Season 2 is available now: This show is about a bunch of odd teenagers who go treasure hunting as well as fishing, surfing and escape gunfire in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The breathtaking seaside location and warm weather atmosphere will make you a believer in the event that the action-packed plot and captivating, lively characters aren’t.

Sweet Tooth

The new DC Comics-inspired Fantasy series takes place in post-apocalyptic fantasy place in which “nature made everyone sick.” The first chapter may sound to be familiar but the resemblance isn’t over there. This disease led to the creation of hybrid children who were half-human and half-animal. A lot of people fear and even kill hybrids, not knowing whether they’re the root or cause of the disease which makes life for those children a lot more difficult after the pandemic.

Virgin River

The show is designed to be a binge-worthy experience, featuring the intrigue of a small town in Gilmore Girls, the medical mystery of Grey’s Anatomy, and the sexual tension of the rom-coms that are a riot of banter. It’s even better that it’s set in the wintery northern California town. Season 3 just came out and there’s more to enjoy, particularly those looking for the quickest fix.

What are you putting off? Sit down on your sofa lay down your favorite quilt, prepare your own hot chocolate or make an order for your favorite meal and get a kick out of these amazing shows.