The latest technological advancements are everywhere around us. From touch screens, fingerprints to facial recognition that it’s on our phones. Therefore, naturally, there’s plenty to discuss in the realm of technology, particularly for your essay assignments at school. Still, picking a topic for your essay can be the most challenging aspect. Let us lend you some help!

Some suggestions for selecting an essay on technology.

Write about the things that you love.

For deciding on a topic for your argumentative essay start by looking at the environment and technology. From the simplest everyday tasks to the most innovative technological advancements that amaze you. Be sure to look for the technology that you are most interested in and would like to learn more about them.

Don’t be too large.

You should pick something that is popular but with there are some hidden truths that you can discover. Take a look at a specific aspect of a broad topic, so that you can speak about the subject in general and not be confused by its wideness. Selecting a niche subject means you’ll be able to get some interesting details , while also addressing the most well-known notions.

Do your research

Another helpful suggestion is to keep a few ideas in mind and conduct an initial research of the top three or so. It is important to determine whether your topic of choice is feasible with some sort of argument or counter-argument. If not, you’ll have alternative options. Be prepared to change your topic at the very beginning stages, as your decision will determine the quality the argumentative essay you write.

However, if you’ve been finding it difficult to come up with ideas for topics, we have suggestions to help. Take a look!

Examples of argumentative essays on technology topics

  1. What has technology done to change our communication habits?
  2. The internet and me An exploration of the web in my personal daily
  3. What could life be like without Wi-Fi?
  4. How can we introduce internet to our children?
  5. Amazing new car technologies that we must have
  6. Health technology that have saved lives
  7. Innovative technologies NASA employs to beat space
  8. Genetic engineering technology that could transform the course of
  9. Pros and cons to technology gadgets (name one you’d like to talk about)
  10. The impact of internet technology: Are we moving closer or further away?
  11. Are computers more intelligent than humans?
  12. Does technology challenge nature or encourage it?
  13. Is technology making us dumber?
  14. The impact that technology has on individuals
  15. The connection to mental wellbeing and internet use
  16. Technology and war: What are we to be expecting?
  17. The history of the first technological innovations
  18. Do we really need to regulate the technological advances?
  19. The effects online has had on Gen Z
  20. The tragic truth about cyberbullying
  21. Tiktok is making waves across the globe.
  22. The top video games ever
  23. Do we need to teach programming in schools?
  24. What can technology do to assist in enhancing the productivity of the workforce?
  25. Are we seeing technology make our work simpler?
  26. Are computers taking over our jobs?
  27. What exactly is Nanotechnology and how does it affect our lives?
  28. The moral and legal implications of cloning and technological aspects
  29. What do we expect to see with the technological advances of 2050?
  30. The implications of the internet in relation to capitalism

Tips for writing an essay that is worthy of your time

Use reliable sources

The main element that you have to write an argumentative essay involves the way you present the argument along with its counterpoint. This means that you must provide evidence for both sides such as research papers, quotes or even book excerpts. The key is to look for reliable sources when searching for evidence to support your essay.

Wikipedia is an excellent source of information, but it should not be the final source of citation. Go deeper into Wikipedia pages to find references and reference academic sources. This will bring credibility and professionalism for your paper.

Make an outline

Do not rush to the edge of the pool. Make time to organize your thoughts and create an outline of your writing. This outline will assist you to identify the outline of your essay, and also follow an orderly narrative. The more organized your thoughts are more likely that your essay will flow.

Draw the attention of your reader with powerful openings

A compelling introduction to your subject can be the sole way to ensure that the reader isn’t going to skim through it , but actually take the time to read it thoroughly. The more you can engage the reader right from the start you can make them more inspired to devour your writing.

Technology is quite an area, and it shouldn’t take much to attract the attention of your readers. Asking some interesting questions, and incorporating certain historical details are great ways to begin your introduction.

Be aware of the argumentative part of your essay

Don’t let your time and planning be wasted by not recognizing that the kind of essay you’re writing is an argumentative one. This means that it must contain arguments and their opposite. It also means that you must be able to form an opinion or agree either of the two sides.

Separate the arguments and the supporting arguments into paragraphs so that the reader can form their minds on each argument in a separate way. Choose your fight at the beginning of your essay, and make sure to support your argument with proof. Don’t forget to include the other views and the reasons why they are significant.

Review before submitting

Editing and reviewing your essay before you submit it is essential to make sure that you’ve used the correct language to utilize without making any grammatical or typographical errors. These errors can be fatal to your essay because readers may not be able to comprehend your argument or, more importantly, miss the meaning of what you intend to convey. Therefore, be careful with your editing, so that nothing gets lost and you earn the ‘A’ you deserve.