Online casinos have surged in popularity in recent years. Today, 17% of people from all around the world enjoy testing their luck and trying out different strategies by gambling online. A good online casino will offer a range of games for all levels of players, from beginners to seasoned pros. A recent addition to the world of online casinos has been the introduction of live dealers to a range of online games such as roulette, blackjack, and craps. Live dealers help to improve the authenticity and atmosphere in an online casino as they are professional human dealers rather than AI and can respond in real-time to players’ questions or comments. If you are new to playing games with online dealers, you may be unsure of the etiquette for communicating with them and you may not be aware of general online casino etiquette. This article explains three top tips on how to communicate with live dealers in online casinos. 

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Say Hello When You Join a Game

In well-designed and run online casinos, such as, there are likely to be a range of games on offer which feature live dealers. One key tip, regardless of the game you are playing, is to say hello to the dealer when you join the table. It is a common courtesy to greet the dealer as he or she will normally greet you as soon as you join. Even if you are a shy person by nature, a greeting is expected and is good table etiquette. You do not need to be chatty from this point onwards and can play the game without communicating if you choose to. This is fine and some people prefer to play this way. 

Avoid Discussing Controversial Subjects

If you are the type of gamer who enjoys chatting to your dealer as you play, then this is also perfectly fine. Having a friendly conversation as you play can add a layer of sociability to the proceedings and pleasant communication is one of the key benefits of having a live dealer present. However, one key point to remember is to avoid discussing potentially controversial or sensitive subjects. Topics such as religion, politics, and human rights tend to be best discussed away from online casinos with live dealers. This is simply because these subjects can make other players and the dealer feel uncomfortable or may conflict with the beliefs and values of other people present in the game. Remember that everyone present is there for an enjoyable time and some excitement, so discussing sensitive or potentially controversial topics should be avoided so that the mood remains fun and lighthearted.

Humor and Flirting

Some people love to tell jokes and make others laugh. This can help give others a boost and humor can have a valid place in most online casinos where joking with live dealers or other players can be very enjoyable for all. As with general conversation topics, it is important to keep jokes and humor tasteful and stay away from potentially offensive punchlines or controversial topics. In terms of flirting, this should be avoided with live dealers as they are professionals who are present to make the gaming experience enjoyable for all. They are also not allowed to share any personal details with other gamers, and it is likely that the name they use in-game is not their real name for security reasons.