Kids grow up far too fast. Before you know it, they’ve left diapers behind and are preparing for their teenage years. While it might seem great for kids to become more independent, parents don’t realize how much they will miss the younger years until it’s too late.

As kids grow up, one of the biggest regrets that parents have is not taking enough photos of their children when they’re young. Photos help us to relive those precious years again and again. 

If you want to avoid this regret, consider working with a family photographer at least once a year to perfectly preserve precious memories in the highest quality possible. Keep reading below for three important reasons to hire a photographer for your family photoshoot. 

1. Hiring a Family Photographer Means Higher Quality Photos

It’s easy to take pictures with your smartphone. In fact, you should do this as often as possible to capture those everyday moments.

And while these photos are meaningful, they aren’t exactly good enough to hang on your wall or to print on Christmas cards.

At least once a year, you should take family photos with a professional photographer. They’ll be able to capture the entire family as opposed to just the children. 

That way, you can capture the way your kids interact with you and your partner. You can catch the looks in their eyes and their big smiles as dad tickles them. You can take both posed pictures as well as natural photos where the family is just playing, talking, and interacting like normal.

And it’s these candid photos that end up meaning the most. Not only do they show the true personality of your family, but they are of the highest quality, so you can print them, hang them on your walls, and show them off for years, if not decades to come. 

2. Take Meaningful Photos at Your Favorite Place

Hiring a photographer doesn’t mean going to a blank white studio to take photos. Of course, that’s an option. But it’s an outdated option.

Instead, working with a good, local photographer allows you to select the location. This could be at the park, a trail that your family loves, or even your home or backyard.

Or, you can hire a photographer while you’re on vacation to capture even more meaningful memories.

So not only will you have photos to remember the age of your children, but you’ll also have keepsakes to remember a special vacation or experience that your family is having together. And that is priceless. 

3. Capture the Seasons

Some families work with a photographer just once a year, for their annual photo shoot. And this is a really good option, as you’ll be able to get professional photos during every year of your kids’ lives.

But other families want more. They want even more memories to cherish as they grow older. 

So they opt to hire a photographer every season of the year. They’ll have a spring photo shoot with the family wearing raincoats and boots, and jumping in puddles together.

They’ll have summer photoshoots on the beach, wearing swimsuits and playing in the sand.

Then they will do a fall family photo shoot, bundled up in cozy flannels, going for a hike on a trail where the leaves are changing colors. And lastly, they’ll do a winter photoshoot, either outside in the snow, or inside their home, warming up by the fire. 

Yes, you can DIY all of these photos yourself. But they’ll never be as good as professional photographers. They can capture candid moments that you’ll miss as an iPhone photographer.

And it’s those in-between, candid photos that you’ll hold close to your heart for decades to come. 

Invest in Family Photos This Year

If you have young kids at home (or even older kids), the one thing you won’t regret is taking too many photos. If you take a lot, you’ll feel like you barely have any later on in life.

Raising kids is one of the greatest privileges in this life. So working with a family photographer to take photos on a regular basis is absolutely worth it. It doesn’t cost that much money. Stop wasting money on Starbucks for a month and invest in something that matters.

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