Pets can be bundles of joy that fall right into your arms and appear to love you immediately, but others can be a little more standoffish, want less attention, or are even prone to nipping if their owner comes anywhere near them.
Of course, different pets will have different responses to their owner, and even if you have a species or breed that is notorious for being loving and friendly, that does not mean that the individual animal will be! All animals have their own traits and personalities, just like us!

That being said, bonding with your pets is one of the most important aspects of being a pet owner, as it brings joy to both parties.
So, how exactly do you bond with your pets? 

This piece is going to offer some guidance on how you can facilitate bonding with your pet so you can both get the most out of your relationship. 

Top Tip: Understand the limitations of your pet and their specific style of bonding.

Make it Appropriate to Your Pet

Different pets will have different needs. This means that their pace for bonding will vary and the stages of trust will be traversed differently. For example, if you are looking to tame and bond with a hamster, this will take a lot of patience and perseverance due to their nature of being a prey animal. They need to know they can trust you, and even then, you might not be able to get too close. Dogs on the other hand are much more known for being able to bond effortlessly with their owners, and depending on the breed, might feel like they cannot get enough!

This will of course change from animal to animal and it will also make a difference if you have had your pet from a baby or not. Whatever you do; slow and steady wins the race, and looking for cues from your pet that they are beginning to get restless or irritable is crucial. 

Top Tip: Use an old t-shirt, tissue, or towels that you have used and put it in their cage so they can get used to your scent.* 

Focus on Neutral Ground

It can make sense to think that you want to bond with your pet on their turf, as that is where they feel comfortable, but the truth is that realistically, they are more likely to be territorial over their space if they are not relaxed with you. This can lead to cage aggression or irritable behavior. Take your pet to a neutral space for both of you, so you are able to establish a connection together without any territory interference. If you find them to be aggressive and irritable regularly, then this could be a health issue that needs to be tackled. Make sure to take them to trusted local vet in Estero fl so you can make sure their health is up to par. 

Top Tip: Pain can come and go, so if your pet seems fine but keeps behaving strangely from time to time, it could be a health issue.**