The flooring can be damaged (especially wood) because of the continuous impact of the chair’s wheels is a common occurrence for employees in the office. Each day the surface of the floors are subjected to heavy impacts, leading to the appearance of chips and scratches on the parquet or laminate. These damages not only affect your coating’s appearance, but can also can contribute to further destruction when wet cleaning. Therefore, how to safeguard hardwood floors from wheel damage is a hot issue.

A few Comments on the Issue

Gaming and office chairs have become essential furniture pieces in any workplace. The constant “fidgeting” on such a chair on wheels can lead to the conclusion that the flooring isn’t able to handle the weight and soon loses its pristine appearance.

In certain instances, an expensive , massive boards or premium parquet are not simply “scratched” but delaminate and fall apart under the constant pressure. Linoleum can be a problem when it is covered in unattractive “waves”. Carper flooring can also be damaged by casters for office chairs.

What causes it to happen?

The reason is the design of a wheelchair. Its structure transfers the total weight of a sitting person onto the wheels. We know from the physics of it, the smaller the area , the more the pressure. This is why it’s essential to be aware of how to shield the wood floor from the wheels of chairs.

2 Ways to Avoid Wooden Floor Damages

The market of today offers two solutions that can protect the flooring from the wheels of chairs.

Lay a Protective Mat

Mats of high-quality and durable mats placed on the floor underneath the chair will assist in helping solve the issue fast!

Mats for protection that last are using monolithic polycarbonate, the most recent material generation. It is healthy for the body and is non-toxic since it does not release chemicals and odors when it is used. Additionally, these products are distinguished by their high quality and the flexibility. Other advantages include:

  • an anti-slip upper layer made of a special material
  • Long service life;
  • an affordable price;
  • using special tires that ensure a secure adhesion to any kind of substrate;
  • great sound absorption;
  • The capability to make the motion of the chair’s wheels soft and smooth, because of bedding materials.

This choice is ideal for laminate and linoleum. However, it’s not the most effective option to safeguard carpet from the wheels of office chairs.

Tips to Select the Perfect Mat

If you opt for this approach to address the issue it is important to select the right solution.

  1. The first step is to must decide on the dimensions shape, color, and the material that it is constructed from. The greater the size of the item is the better flooring will be secured.
  2. It is essential to choose the mat that is based on the features of the working space, the dimensions of the desk and chair as some office furniture may have different dimensions.
  3. A mat that protects the computer chair could be constructed of various materials, including polyvinylchloride, polyester, PCB, PET.
  4. When you are choosing a mat to protect your furniture be sure to look at the design. It is possible to buy a mat that is in line with the color of wallpaper, fabric or furniture. The transparent models that do not show to the naked eye are most sought-after.

Design the chair using rubber Wheels for the Chair

There’s a cheaper solution to this issue. Today, casters made of rubber are available on the market.

Rubber rollers are recommended on floors that are hard, such as:

  • Wooden floors;
  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Laminate;
  • Carpet cover.

In addition, they are known as soft wheels since they are distinguished by their increased elasticity and softness. Due to the properties that soft rubber has, they are able to scratch floors and possess an anti-slip feature. The casters of a rubber chair make moving within the room easy and secure. It is possible to purchase new caster wheels and modify the chair so that it is more efficient. Redesigning your chair isn’t difficult.

For a comfortable and ergonomic work space An office chair is necessary. Be sure to maintain your flooring to ensure its lasting longevity and a pleasurable work routine.