A number of strangely terrifying TV shows both from the past and the present are still undiscovered. The most memorable of them all were listed.

There are a lot of bizarre items floating around the internet these days and some of it has made its way in mainstream media. Since a list of the fifteen Weirdest Movies of All Time is already out there and is available, a list of the fifteen Weirdest Movies of All Time for the tiny screen has to be made. There’s plenty to go through, too. Television has made a myriad of completely bizarre programs over the decades.

When we came up with our list of recommendations, we searched at factors such as overall entertainment value, terrifying situations, strange and intriguing characters, as well as fascinating tales in television shows. We’re not looking for a bizarre show filled with gore however, rather shows that make use of shocking and unpretentiousness to communicate their distinctive identity.

In this bizarre television show collection, you’ll find plenty of variety. The collection has an array of entertainment for all ages, from comedies that have an oddly aesthetic flair to terrifying, dramatic dramas. These shows may not please everyone in the family however they’re entertaining to watch even on a dark night.

My Strange Addiction

It’s the only reality television show that’s on the list, however it’s certainly worthy of its place as one of the most odd. Although many show episodes can be depressing and sad however, some are so weird and terrifying that we feel like an alternate reality has entered our world.

My Strange Addiction is a TLC documentary reality show that examines the life of people from every walk of life who struggle with addictions that don’t relate to conventional drugs. A widow addicted to eating the remains of her husband’s funeral and a child addicted drinking dirty diapers are just two of the frightening instances.

The odd episodes are filled with bizarre behaviors like a straight, cis older man who is addicted to wearing head-to-toe rubber lady clothes or one of the young men who have closed himself off from society in order to indulge in romantic relationships using inflatable pool balls.

There are milder examples like the lady who is addicted to eating cheesy potato or the lady who is addicted to eating cheesy potatoes, are not as serious. It’s true, it isn’t an issue of addiction; it’s just a matter of being human.

Off the Air

Off The Air was initially seen by Adult Swim viewers randomly at New Year’s Day 2011, at around 4 o’clock in the morning. 4. a.m. can be one of the sleepy and eerie hours in which reality seems to shift slightly according to who you are and therefore, stepping into Off The Air on the LSD journey that is Off The Air in a graveyard slot with no context of what was happening was memorable.

Off The Air is an show that was created in collaboration with the MTV Animation’s Dave Hughes. The show typically has a central theme for every episode. However, there isn’t any explanation or narration. This can make the show’s bizarre animated cartoons and stock footage YouTube videos that go viral PSAs with public access style humor, bizarre images and even music more bizarre to listen to. Each episode has a brief interval between the clips.

The show has become an icon of the genre and doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. The majority of the episodes are available on the Adult Swim website, so you can feel free to watch The Air, one that is among the strangest programs currently on TV.


This BBC children’s TV show from the 1980s could have been banned outright in the event that Eerie, Indiana, was too scary for children.

The jigsaw was primarily an entertaining and educational program for children that included engaging puzzle-solving games and a kid-friendly comedy. The majority of the show, such as Dora the Explorer, was dependent on participation from the audience. But there was one Jigsaw model that was able to inspire even the most courageous adults to get out of their comfort zone.

Mr Noseybonk donned his dinner attire as well as a terrifying humanoid face that was adorned with a subdued face that was phallic, as depicted by the mime actor Adrian Hedley. Noseybonk did not say any words, which added to his mysterious demeanour. Some of his actions were sexually subdued, such as this eerie scene that is a convincing advertisement for the creepiness of Noseybonk to anyone.

The character has gained a fan base on the Internet and his image and name has been used in a variety of creepypastas and online horror stories. Although the creators of the character likely were aiming for good however, they have given us some truly terrifying energy.

Cop Rock

The 1990s and the 1980s seem to have been the decade in Weird As Hell Television, and this 1990 ABC musical drama series confirms the fact.

Cop Rock didn’t have to be a musical or drama to be successful however, it was all these and more. There are hundreds of “Worst of” TV lists include the show which ranked at #8 on TV Guide’s ranking of 50 worst TV Shows from All Time in 2002. The show is thought of as the weirdest small-screen musical that has ever been broadcast on television.

Cop Rock as well as Law and Order, followed the LAPD in their daily routine, and also through a variety of cases. This is because dancing numbers and musical numbers were randomly inserted in each episode’s plot. After only 11 seasons, ABC terminated the show because of its critics and commercial failings. Who could have imagined that merging musical theatre and a police drama would end up in a failure? Nearly everyone, right? OK, that’s OK.

Dark Shadows

It’s not unreasonable to think that the majority of our youth aren’t aware of Dark Shadows because of Tim Burton’s 2012 film adaptation with Johnny Depp. Naturally, the movie was based on the same gothic soap that aired for a few years on ABC in the 1960s.

Dark Shadows was like a more bizarre Addams Family, with regular characters, zombies, ghosts werewolves, werewolves, time travelers and witches. The show’s small group of performers played different characters.

The worst part is that the show was believed to have been was inspired by a terrifying dream that the creator Dan Curtis had in 1965 which we’ll be happy to ignore for the remainder of our days.

At first there were some critics who weren’t a fan of Dark Shadows, with some critics claiming it was too slow-burning, and also featured an ensemble of no-name actors. But it quickly became an extremely loved programs ever and also one of the most bizarre TV series ever created. Dark Shadows was a show that was way more avant-garde than its times.

Eerie Indiana

It’s eerie. Indiana is a frightful Goosebumps spinoff that resembles something straight from an original David Lynch film. Even though this NBC children’s program that ran in the early 1990s isn’t exactly that, it’s unique enough to earn an appearance in this listing.

Marshall is an Indiana child and his family relocated to the tiny town of Eerie. With the exception of Marshall’s new pal Simon and everyone else in the town is a bit odd about their lives. Strange and disturbing events occur between them, including instances based on actual urban legends as well as Doppelgangers.

The show, particularly for a show for children, was a little too scary for its day. “To who it might concern In the event that you’re reading this newspaper it means that I’m either deceased or disappeared under undetermined circumstances.” tells what typical children’s show?

Although Eerie, Indiana may not be scary enough to frighten adults but it was a bit disturbing to witness as a child in the 90s.

Tim Eric and Eric Awesome Show Great Job

Whatever Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim performs together is generally a hit with an extremely specialized audience. It’s either you love their work, or dislike it. In other words you’re either completely insane or a decent member of society (if maybe a little more boring).

Tim and Eric’s show Great Job!, their sketch comedy show can be described as an Adult Swim late-night weirdo masterpiece that blends sarcastic anti-humour with hilarious public-access TV awesomeness.

The ensemble of prominent actors (including Jeff Goldblum, Zach Galifianakis, Fred Armisen, and Ben Stiller) and random Los Angeles Craigslist actors is enjoyable to observe. A bizarre combination of famous impersonators, professional film actors and impressionists also appeared during the event. Steve Brule was also born because of the event and we are grateful to Tim Eric and Eric for this.

The show deserves to be on this list because it’s funny odd, disturbing, and awe-inspiring. What’s not to love? with the two of them? Tim as well as Eric are masters of the hilarious-weird.


The entire program was an subtle, quiet, disturbing fear which made it more thrilling to watch. “jam” was a word that “jam” could never be spoken in the show also, and often was spoken in a loud, incorrect manner or used in conjunction with an unnatural sound effect.

Jam didn’t go over very well in Britain as some viewers calling it sick as well as self-indulgent and problematic. While these terms might be entirely true for Jam but it’s still an extremely radical TV programs that has been aired for over a long period of time.

The dark comedy that was released in 2000 within the United Kingdom was genuinely amazing however, it was subsequently forgotten.

The series that paired bizarrely painful comic skits and an eerie ambient soundtrack was an avant-garde spin of blue jam, the BBC Radio 1 show Blue Jam. Blue Jam audio snippets were often used in the show, with actors speaking along with the dialogue in the audio recordings.

Cop Rock has subsequently developed an cult following that has resulted in syndicated shows through VH1 and A&E over the time.

Twin Peaks

It’s impossible to create an exhaustive list of bizarre TV shows without including Twin Peaks, the creation of Mark Frost and David Lynch in the 1990s early. The serial drama that was slow-burning had the perfect blend of ’90s style, fun comedy, subtly odd language, and awe-inspiring ideas.

A FBI Special Agent named Dale Cooper, one of the most famous characters of the history of television, is sent to investigate the death of a girl identified as Laura Palmer in Twin Peaks. Palmer’s body was found wrapped in plastic and buried in a river bed just outside Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks town.

What follows is his ever strange investigation into the death of Laura and an unsettling realization that nobody is so innocent, as they seem. When the series was canceled after two seasons There were a lot of loose ends. Lynch produced an prequel to the show, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me that recounts the story from the point of view of the mysterious character Laura Palmer.

Twin Peaks will forever be one of the best odd shows of all time and, now that the production for the long-awaited third season is complete The return of the show appears to be a real possibility.

The Mighty Boosh

The British comedy show that may or may not be made into a film, offers an ideal blend of originality, creativity hilarious, funny and even odd. Julian Barrett and Noel Fielding are the comic duo who created The Mighty Boosh, a BBC show. The Mighty Boosh, a show that evolved from live stage shows and an original radio series featuring characters created through the duo.

The first season starred two characters in the show in the form of Howard Moon and Vince Noir who struggle to live on the edge through work at the local Zoo. Their employer is a wild American known as Bob Fossil, portrayed by Rich Fulcher, who has been in various roles throughout the show.

The two seasons that follow the two working in a secondhand shop run by a tiny shaman from the alien world known as Naboo along with his gorilla pal Bollo and they’re every one of them as weird as they sound.

There are many memorable characters and hilariously quotable moments within this show. The Mighty Boosh is a distinctive kind of comedy as well as it is a unique kind of pure absurdity.

Stories from the Crypt

Nearly everyone recognizes the disgusting decaying mug. Tales from the Crypt was a horror-themed television series which ran through the entirety of the 1990s, and offered many nightmare stories. It’s not just because of the Crypt Keeper why this happens.

The show delivered campy, creepy terror in the most cheesy way it could be. The show was self-aware and didn’t seem to take it too seriously. It was the perfect mix of fun and dreadful fear.

Tales from the Crypt was controversial because of the graphic violence and vulgarity and nudity and sexual actions. HBO bought the show and let it be as contentious as they wanted. Although it has since been redesigned for basic distribution on cable however nothing is as good as the disgusting original.

Due to its horrifically engaging nature and the presence of plots that were as distinct as they were terrifying, Tales from the Crypt is a worthy inclusion at the top of this list. The creepy horrors are not finished after the reboot series has been given the green light from the folks at TNT.

The Twilight Zone

There’s nothing quite as intriguing than watching the ’50s and 1960s-era concepts about what the next decade could be as it is in the present. To be honest, The Twilight Zone is an unsettling, often frightening trip through time as well as a glimpse into the world of cinema in the past.

The gem of Rod Serling also featured several celebrity appearances that made the show more entertaining. George Takei, Robert Redford, Carol Burnett, and Dennis Hopper are a few notable names who were featured in the show. Even the nebulous performers and actors were minimum, which is which isn’t often the case in a show on television.

Peppermint Park

Despite the show’s dull concept, there’s a good reason why Peppermint Park is included on the list. You only need to watch an episode to realize how strange this was. The look of the show’s puppets veered to the edge of uncanny valley and the voice acting was extremely disturbing.

The show is only available in sporadic clips. show exist , the majority of which can be tracked to on YouTube. It’s comforting knowing that this home video VHS series is now lost and will never return.

As with many shows for children listed on this list Peppermint Park had excellent intentions. But the road to hell is not paved with good intentions as well. Peppermint Park drove directly from hell to the 1990s VHS players’ children’s homes.

This home-based instructional series was a collection of puppets which taught kids about math, spelling animal species, and colours in addition to other things. Many thought that the classes were a weak version that was a weak copy of Sesame Street since they included music and lengthy lectures.

Rabbits David Lynch

This avant-garde horror miniseries is an additional bizarre production by David Lynch, the King of Weird who calls it an improvised sitcom.

Three rabbits with anthropomorphic faces (one of which includes Naomi Watts dressed as a rabbit) reside in a living room. They engage in wildly disjointed non-sequitur conversations with each other while laugh tracks play at random times throughout the episodes in Rabbits. Rabbits’ motto adds to the tension: “In a nameless city covered in drizzle… the three bunnies are surrounded by a terrifying mystery.”

The series is known for its dark atmosphere and the use of light (the entire show was filming in Lynch’s garden in the evening). Rabbits also were used in a psycho-psychological experiment in 2013 to study how acetaminophen impacted existential crisis and how art from the surrealist era affected the characters. All you need is four minutes of video to comprehend why Rabbits is included on this list. If you get the chance to watch the entire show, do so.

The Outer Limits

The science-fiction anthology series is a cult classic, and nearly everyone is aware of what it has done for the industry of television even five decades more than 55 years later. Rarely does old series are still watched in the modern world, but The Twilight Zone is still just as enjoyable to watch as it was a decade ago.

The show deserves a spot on this list due to its writing of grade A and story telling that ranged from William Shatner’s grandiose acting on an airplane to sweet stories which were still a bit strange.

Outer Limits Outer Limits was the Twilight Zone’s cousin which irritated the director to no end because The little jerk attempted to duplicate everything he did. Even with the criticisms, some episodes didn’t seem like an exact replica from The Twilight Zone and were very entertaining.

Although it is eerily similar to the previous item on the checklist, The Outer Limits deserves to be in this list because of the themes which The Twilight Zone refused to deal with. This show has amazing makeup effects, as well as hand-crafted props (and scary in the moment). To see a sample, watch”The Misfits,” episode “The Zanti Misfits.”

If you’ve never seen The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits during the highest point of their popularity during the 60s and 70s you ought to definitely watch the show. Do not worry, we assure you that your TV is in good working order.