2022 is here and we can safely get on to the trends that are coming back in a big way. The skater girl outfits are coming back, the coolest outfit of all time. Skater girl style is a subculture that has been around for more than 70 years.  The style was recognized and became popular in the 50s and 60s.

The 80s and 90s were known to be the huge era of the skate scene as well as the skater girl outfits. This era skyrocketed the sport into mainstream popularity.

In this article, we will be covering 10 cute skater girl outfits. To all the courageous women out there, who are not afraid to sing “ you don’t know my mind, you don’t know my kind, dark necessities are part of my design” – RHCP.

What Is A Skater Girl?

A skater girl is the subculture of people who enjoys nothing but skateboarding all-day. While we can say that skateboarding is traced back to the 40s, it wasn’t till the  60s that women started popularizing the cute skater girl outfits.

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a beginner, anyone can slay the skater girl outfits look. The reason behind writing this blog is to give you a few ideas on how to rock the style in 2022.

10 Cute Skater Girl Outfits in 2022

While the skater girl outfits have gone through transformations with each era, the fundamentals remained the same. Skaters generally wear loose-fitting clothes that make them feel comfortable.

Here are some ideas that you can go through and pick the one you like as well as suits you. Remember this style is very casual, girls who like makeup a lot should skip this article, because to be honest this article and the style are for those girls who believe in minimalism.

1. Skate Shoes

Wearing the right attire is one thing but the most essential part of the attire is the shoes. It is crucial to your style, comfort, and riding process. The original skate shoes has been launched by Vans in the 60s, therefore it is an integral part of the subculture as well as its aesthetic.

The retro feel can be felt with Vans Old School Or Vans Era. if you want you can also switch to Converse All-Stars, any of the High Tops, or The Low Tops. they generally have a chunky and flat sole which is great for holding your grip on the board.

2. Skate Jeans

Jeans are known as the easiest clothing style for skater girl outfits. Go for humble jeans as they can totally elevate the look of the skater girl. A major element to the skater girl outfits is the loose-fitting high-waisted denim paired with crop tops.

For winter you can keep adding clothes such as a plain tee or a long tee shirt. For shoes go for chunky white sneakers that hs a flat bottom to get the authentic skater feeling.

3. Skate Shorts

In the summer if you wear loose-fitting jeans, it can bother you. Hence denim shorts. They are an amazing alternative to the long skater pants that has an authentic skater edge to date. 

This ensemble was famous in the 70s, which was considered the golden era of skateboarding. Professional skateboarders like Ellen O Neil, Laura Thornhill wore shorts while they were on the board.

4. Accessories

Skateboarders do not really wear any accessories while they are at play. But women who love the idea of skate outfits and are not really a skater can polish the look with some addons.  You can wear some ornaments with it, keep your hair down, put some light shade lip shade.

Skateboarders do wear caps. Or beanies to keep their hair out of the way, while they are goofing around. They also though carry a backpack or a fanny pack to secure their stuff.

5. Hoodies

Hoodies came into play after taking its inspiration from the Southern Californian grunge scenes. Oversized clothing plays a vital part in the aesthetic. When the frosty temperature rises, swap your hoodie with a long-sleeved shirt. They are very comfortable meaning anyone wearing this can do flip, walk and skate.

They also act as padding cover, if you are about to tumble off the board. Choose the shades that are dark as while skating you will definitely fall, and falling means gathering clouds of dust.

6. Skate T-Shirts

Wearing t-shirts and showing off a punk band is not only cool but also tells a lot about your personality and your musical taste. To enhance the outfit you can go for loose-fitting shirts with prints on them. Keep them as they are or you can use a layer of Long Sleeves underneath.

For shoes, wear sneakers, converse, or something that helps you look good as well as help you with the grip. Shoes are really important for skater outfits.

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7. Skate Pants

Just like the shoes, the pants that you wear while skating is also very essential. Too tight can make you uncomfortable and also can stop you from running, and walking around freely. While you skate you will often bend down, therefore wearing tight pants is going to obstruct that activity.

Wear chinos or cords of dark hues, because of the dust. You can pair it up with oversized tees and a good pair of sneakers.

8. Skater Brands

There are many skater brands but some brands have stuck true to the authentic feel of the sport. Some of the best brands are Vans which debuted in 1996 and still now produces some of the most popular sneakers.

Other brands after Vans are Santa Cruz, DC, Element, and HUF. all of them origin=ated from the Californian skater scene.  Over the century they have created excellent skateboards, skate shoes, and skate clothes.

9. Skate Crop Tops

Crop tops are really comfortable, especially in summer. A loose crop top can easily be paired with shorts or three-quarter pants. It helps move around freely. You can pair it up with sneakers or maybe converse, anyone, you like. Be sure of the grip though.

Winter is not the time to wear crop tops, but if you insist then wear a full-sleeved sweater underneath the oversized crop top. You won’t be needing anything heavy as you will be jumping around a lot making the body warm in the process.

10. Skater Shirts

Skater shirts are cool, you can wear them in summer as well as in winter. In summer you can just wear a tee underneath the shirt and keep it unbuttoned. This look will give you a cool look.

In the winter you can wear them buttoned and a pair of chinos with them. Never forget to wear good sneakers, I repeat they are very essential.

Ending Thoughts

Here you go with10 Cute Skater Girl Outfits in 2022. Skating is an art and enhancing the art with the right clothes and shoes is very important.

Women can pull off any kind of attire, therefore this skater style is not going to be rocket science to you guys.

Leave a comment in the comment section and share your choice with us.