There is nothing better than listening to your favorite songs and being able to follow the lyrics at the same time. However, instead of having to look for the lyrics of each one of them and having to read from a separate window, it is possible to use one of the best apps to know the lyrics of songs and have everything on the same screen.

If you are curious to know what these apps are, we have listed below some of the ones that we consider to be by far the best for Android.

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Keep reading! Musixmatch

Starting our list we have Musixmatch. An app that is considered one of the best overall in the Google store and is even an Editor’s Choice. Spotify once had a partnership with the app, but that’s now gone.

The app can track what’s playing on your phone using the notification bar, and from there, display lyrics. Therefore, it works perfectly with any app for listening to music offline (or online). Click here to learn more and download it.

Sound Hound

Sound Hound is an incredible application, whose objective is to identify any song that is playing around you quickly and easily, using your microphone, to give you the best lyrics website so you can sing along. In doing so, it even displays information about the artists and songs, including some tidbits.

It works seamlessly with the best music streaming services, easily making it one of the best apps for getting lyrics. Also, if you have a song stuck in your head and you don’t know what it is, you just have to hum it and the app will tell you what it is! Download it right now for Android.

Shaman is another popular app among music lovers,

 And it comes with the ability to add lyrics to what’s playing on your favorite music player. Like Sound Hound, it allows you to identify the song that is playing around you.

The app displays the lyrics of any song you’re listening to, on any streaming service or from your device. It is a very complete option that you can download by following this link.